Building the Future

A team of Web3 contributors committed to democratize access to public capital markets through the development of FOSS for sustainable token economies.

Core Contributors

The Web3 expertise within our team amounts to a collective 20+ years of experience

Tokenomics and GTM

Web3 Generalist and builder, passionate about open data, privacy, and decentralized technologies.

Tokenomics and Product Strategy

Passionate about OSS, Decentralized AI and DeFi with strong competencies in Token Design, Financial Markets, Social Economics and Product Management

Research and Marketing

A versatile DLT ambassador and advisor focused on onboarding companies, data scientists, tech hippies and builders onto the decentralized data economy, AI and EoT bandwagon. A web2/web3 builder who's not afraid to get creative. An idealist, freedomalist and late supporter of the cypherpunk movement.

Trusted by industry leaders